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Listen to ARMAnet - ARMA 3 Podcast episodes free, Listen to over 65,000+ radio shows, Link to the website below will show you to Discord Dear comrades, I have been looking for a Arma 3 Discord server and haven't found one. https://github. com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/issues/1116 Link here. I'll put the link at the end. An inevitable carryover from the hardcore Arma 2 community is ACRE, or Advanced Combat Radio Environment, a mod-turned-mainstay for the majority of players for its realistic voice-comm behavior influenced by Jul 08, 2016 · A Complete Guide To Getting A Simple But Effective And Completely Free Military Radio Arma 3 CrossTalk Military Radio Sound RADIO CLICKS to DISCORD Task Force Radio for Discord. This server is made for arma 3 players and for the server A3wastelands hosted by Lucifer. It connects you game to TeamSpeak (similar to ACRE). Arma 3's alpha is just over a week old, but a few promising add-ons are already taking advantage of Bohemia's out-the-gate moddability. Any thoughts about that? If not, mind if I have a crack at it? Pleased to present you new radio mod for Arma 3 - Task Force Radio. . There is currently a major bug with radio sounds popping and people sometimes not hearing eachother. Well, so I decided start one by myself and so I did: The development appears to be happening in TFAR discord. You able to hear radio and direct voice simultaneously (if player is close enough Short description: The ACRE mod links Arma 2 and Teamspeak3 to create a more immersive environment in which we play in, including positional audio, real radio communications and complete compatibility with the ACE2 Arma 2 project . My suggestion is: i hope you guys try to add a TFR (Task Force Radio) compatibility for Arma 3 radio. 3 hours ago, SaintZ said: This sounds perfect for a RP style server. Ranks and bots. It is totally new product, open source, used for PvP and COOP games with more than 100 players